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Highlighted Case Study

VA dot gov Modernization-Comparative Analysis

The VA technology Acquisition Cent, in support of VA OIT/DSVA, utilized FAR 13.1 Simplified Acquisition Procedures, which enabled the team to streamline a multi-step evaluation with onsite demonstrations, and documented the evaluation using a comparative analysis.

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01. Get Started

  1. What is the TechFAR Hub?
  2. How to Use the TFH

02. TFH Lifecycle

See how the TechFAR Hub takes an agile approach to digital acquisition.

  1. Pre-Solicitation
  2. Solicitation
  3. Evaluation
  4. Contract Administration

03. Resources

View first-hand experiences of fellows acquisition professionals, get tools, access training, and more

  1. Agile Estimator


  • Digital IT Acquisition Professional Training (DITAP)

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    This training and development program teaches federal government acquisition professionals to design innovative and flexible procurements for IT/Digital Services, and how to become change ambassadors.

  • 8(a) Digital Service Initiative

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    The U.S. Digital Service and Small Business Administration have partnered to help agencies buy digital services using this low-risk gateway.