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Welcome to the TechFAR Hub, updated in January 2023, a resource to help government acquisition and program professionals buy, build, and deliver modern digital services while staying on the correct side of compliance! We have reorganized TechFAR Hub since its original release. Now you will find content arranged by phases of the acquisition lifecycle. Here are some recommendations on how to use the TechFAR Hub, and how you can help us make it better.

How to use TechFAR Hub

  1. Determine Where You Are in the Acquisition Lifecycle

    Whether you’re working a brand new procurement or need some help with evaluation criteria, we make it easy to find the help you need. Content is organized into four acquisition lifecycle stages:

    1. Pre-Solicitation
    2. Solicitation
    3. Evaluation
    4. Contract Administration

    Within each stage, you’ll find relevant guidance, tools, and templates to help you succeed.

  2. Browse Tools, Templates, and Samples

    Looking for inspiration? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, which is why we’re collecting a repository of useful tools, templates and samples proven to be successful in the public sector. Jump directly to this page and see what’s in our library, and find out how you can contribute your own.

  3. Review Our Case Studies

    Case studies are a great way to learn from the success of others. We’re adding new case studies often, in collaboration with smart professionals all over the government. Do you have a case study or situation you think would make a great case study? We’d love to consider it for inclusion in the TechFAR Hub! You may even get some swag out of it.

What is a digital service?

Digital services include the delivery of digital information (i.e. data or content) and transactional services (e.g. online forms, benefits applications) across a variety of platforms, devices and delivery mechanisms (e.g. websites, mobile applications, and social media).

Contracts that include any of the following could be considered digital services:

  • Agile design and delivery including agile software development
  • User research and user-centered design
  • Product management
  • Application Programming Interface (API) development
  • Automated testing
  • Cloud infrastructure design and management
  • Continuous integration/ continuous (CI/CD)
  • Development Operations (DevOps)

Executive Order M-17-06

Federal Agency public websites and digital services are defined here as online information resources or services maintained in whole or in part by the departments and agencies in the Executive Branch of the U.S. Federal Government that are operated by an agency, contractor, or other organization on behalf of the agency.


  • Tools, Templates & Samples

    Use these artifacts to get a head start on your work.

  • Case Studies

    Learn from the good work of your peers, or contribute your own!

  • Learning Center

    Advance your career by building new skills.

  • Contract Solutions & Vehicles

    Don’t reinvent the wheel before checking out these ready-made solutions.