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Templates and Samples

These templates provide practical, tactical tools to help during different steps in the procurement process for digital services.

  • Statement of Objectives Template

    This template uses the Digital Service Playbook as a foundation for a requirements document. It includes questions for the vendor that they must answer in their quote or proposal that help demonstrate their familiarity with modern digital service delivery. Use this template to help you get started, and make any edits or modifications that you feel are necessary.

    At the conclusion of your effort, consider coming back to TechFAR Hub and providing feedback on how well the template worked, what you did to modify it, and what you would recommend to others who wish to use this in their work.

  • Agile Task Order FFP Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE) Template Example

    When Firm fixed price per iteration is preferred, this template shows you how to create your estimate.

  • UX Contract Principles

    There are plenty of UX contract principles about IT functionality, but there is a gap when it comes to addressing how well the technology is built for and around humans. Gap filled.

  • Agile Development RFQ Sample

    Used to award a task order for Firm Fixed Price Agile Software Development support services. Includes a phased source selection process.

  • GSA CoE Cloud Migration Acquisition Journey Map

    This journey map will walk you through the phases of the acquisition lifecycle, and shows roles and resources needed for cloud migration.

  • SalesForce CRM BPA Call

    This was used on a multiple award BPA for the purpose of awarding a task order for agile development on a SalesForce CRM project.

  • Agile Team Estimator

    This agile team estimator worksheet is a tool to help calculate an Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE)

  • RFQ Design Challenge and Comparative Analysis

    A RFQ that utilized a comparative analysis, a phased downselect, and a design challenge.

  • Market Research - Sources Sought Tool

    Because market research should be more meaningful, and should take less time for both vendors and Government.


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