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Field Guides

  • Finding Opportunities and Providing Services to the Federal Government

    This guide is intended to walk through some of the initial processes required in an effort to reduce the time it takes to bring innovative digital service companies into the government marketplace.

  • Quick and Dirty Guide to Agile Project Management

    This summary provides information on the key tenants of agile project management and explains how it can be used to manage digital services projects.

  • Create an Inspiring Product Vision

    This field guide is designed to help articulate your agency’s product vision. In order to have an inspiring product vision, project teams must be clear on the problem that they want to solve! Once they are clear they can use the product vision as THE true north to guide the project. It is as the French say, the “raison d’etre” for a project. It is the reason why the entire project exists.

  • How to use an 8(a) company for your digital service needs

    The use of SBA’s 8(a) program can reduce pressure on agencies to use digital services by shortening procurement lead times, ease competition requirements, and provide coaching around new implementation methods.

  • Tech Challenge Playbook

    Learn to use challenges to assess vendors.


  • Tools, Templates & Samples

    Use these artifacts to get a head start on your work.

  • Case Studies

    Learn from the good work of your peers, or contribute your own!

  • Learning Center

    Advance your career by building new skills.

  • Contract Solutions & Vehicles

    Don’t reinvent the wheel before checking out these ready-made solutions.